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He loves to talk, and he is often repeating phrases such as, Like Papa Smurf always says

He loves to talk, and he is often repeating phrases such as, Like Papa Smurf always says

He loves to talk, and he is often repeating phrases such as, Like Papa Smurf always says

Blue and small, standing only three apples high, the Smurfs might be hard to tell apart at first. However, each Smurf is a distinct individual with his or her own personality, their names say it all!

The Smurfs will air soon in a new original animated series! Click on local TV channel for dates and times in your area.


Papa Smurf is the wisest, oldest, and bravest Smurf of all, the big cheese, the one the others all look up to. He is 542 years old, and he can change tacks and find a solution to every situation, even as the Smurfs are continually challenging and testing the rules. Papa Smurf can do magic, and he keeps a laboratory where he creates potions for a variety of uses.

Smurfette is smart, curious, brave, and enterprising, always ready to take part in new adventures. Originally, Smurfette was crafted by Gargamel as a plan to destroy the Smurfs just by being a girl. Then Papa Smurf worked his magic and turned Smurfette into a lovely, loving Smurf and an important member of the clan.

Brainy Smurf thinks he’s smarter than he really is, and he is certain that he’s smarter than everyone else. This is a Smurf who does not suffer from self-doubt. Brainy considers himself the most responsible member of the band and has proclaimed himself the right-hand man to Papa Smurf. .. or Papa Smurf is always right, and when he says that… The other Smurfs just roll their eyes and find inventive ways to shut him up.

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Hefty is naturally extra strong, and he believes that with great power comes great responsibility. His bulging muscles make him feel protective of and responsible for his fellow band of Smurfs, even if they don’t believe they need protecting. He’s the straight guy. Also, he has a quick temper and can be a hothead, jumping into action without thinking things through and creating his own brand of chaos.

For Jokey, every day is April Fool’s Day-and why shouldn’t it be? “Who doesn’t like a good joke?” is his motto. Like the class clown who is always on, Jokey is continually trying out gags and pratfalls. Jokey’s all-time favorite gag is a gift box that explodes in the recipient’s face. He can’t get enough of playing that trick. And even though the other Smurfs know what he’s up to, they still can’t avoid it. That infernal box always ends up in someone’s hands!

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The Smurfs’ very own Leonardo da Vinci or Elon Musk, Handy is a builder and extremely creative inventor. This is the guy you call to fix anything-his ears are always alert to the sound of a dripping faucet, which he’ll repair in a flash. An original thinker, he’s continually mulling over new inventions. He’s an optimist, believing that every problem has a solution, and that he can build it.

The fiercest female Smurf, Storm is an expert markswoman, an outstanding athlete, brave as can be, and as tough as nails. She loves to challenge Hefty and show off how strong and agile she is. Storm is not the least bit touchy-feely and has no patience for the mushy stuff – except when it comes to kittens. At times, she can be rather abrasive. That said, she is extremely loyal and protective of her friends.

Gargamel is a conniving, evil human wizard, driven by a desire for riches and power as well as a bottomless thirst to capture Smurfs. This fixation started long ago when he dreamed of putting a Smurf into his cauldron to make a philosopher’s stone, which turns lead into gold. After being repeatedly frustrated and humiliated by the Smurfs, his preoccupation has hardened into an obsession. He is the greatest threat to the Smurfs’ existence, but they are also lucky in that Gargamel is sloppy and tends to overreach in his ambition, creating super-complicated traps and outrageous strategies for catching them.

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