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You will find been an email list serve at the egroups (onelist) to have experts of the previously mentioned entitled and you may alternatives

You will find been an email list serve at the egroups (onelist) to have experts of the previously mentioned entitled and you may alternatives

You will find been an email list serve at the egroups (onelist) to have experts of the previously mentioned entitled and you may alternatives

ELMAN researching: MACHERET – Zolotonosha, Ukraine; PRESSMAN – Dolginov, Vilenskaya (Vileyka); SURIS/SURES – Odessa, Ukraine; WEISSBEIN/VAJSBEJN – Odessa, Ukraine; NERENBERG – Socolec Verbovetz, Podolsk, Ukraine; ZILBERBERG/SILBERBERG – Podolia, Ukraine; GOTLIBOVICH/GOTLIBOWITZ/GOTLIEB – Cherkassy, Korsun, Zolotonosha, Kharkov, H/Gorodishche, Ukraine; KATSOVITCH – Minsk Vileyka; POGRAN/ICHNY – United states of america Nova Ushitsa, Ukraine

Date: Get married, -0400 Away from: Subject: Kosofsky,Kosvsky,Kasofsky,Kossowsky,Kasowsky, et al It has arrived at my attract there look to-be of several boffins finding information on your family names out of Kosofsky, Kasofsky, Kosowsky, etc.

Apparently it had been a very popular term than simply I realized. We have contacted of numerous boffins truly to determine if any had been looking a family that has associated with exploit. To date I’ve discovered you to definitely brief lead that we are in hopes gives me personally adequate to relate to other head.

There were 60 gubernias inside 1914, along with 15 on Pale off Payment and you may 10 in the Kingdom from Poland

I am appealing most of the researchers looking for the afore-mentioned brands, to participate an email list serve forum to share with you search conclusions. Anytime new things try learned, it opens up the door having an alternate commitment.

out of jewishgenDate: Tue, 1 Dec 1998 EST Away from: Subject: Re: Gubernias and Uyezds To all or any who possess questions relating to Gubernias, and Uyezds, I discovered this article, you to helped me a lot during my browse. I’m hoping it could be usefull so you’re able to yours !

Definitions: – Gubernia = state of your Russian Empire. Per gubernia is split into several uyezds (districts). – Pale away from Payment (Russian: Cherta osedlosti) = The newest 15 gubernias for the western side of the latest Russian Kingdom, to which Jewish household are limited, 1794 in order to 1917.

Bessarabia — Region bordered of the Black colored Water, Dniester, Danube and you can Prut streams. Inside the Ottoman Kingdom up to 1812. Russian gubernia just after 1873, within the Pale. In the Russian Empire 1812-1856, 1878-1918; Part of Romania 1856-1878, 1918-1940; In the USSR (Moldavian SSR) 1940-1991. Now, generally when you look at the Moldova (northernmost area inside Ukraine). Bohemia (Ger. Bohmen) — State from Austrian Empire until WWI. Province regarding Czechoslovakia 1918-1992. Today, when you look at the westernmost Czech Republic. Head city: Prague. Bukovina — Region inside the mountain tops regarding eastern Carpathian slopes. Ruled of the Ottoman Turks up until 1769, whenever occupied from the Russia. Removed of the Austria into the 1775, they shaped part of Galicia until 1849, if it turned into a separate province of one’s Austro-Hungarian Kingdom, till the prevent out-of WWI. State regarding Romania 1917-1944.

Today, northeastern Romania and you will southwest Ukraine. Master city: Chernivtsi (Ger. Czernowitz, Rom. Cernauti). Chernigov — Russian gubernia, 1796-1917, within the Pale out of Settlement. Now, north Ukraine. Congress Poland = Empire out-of Poland. Courland (Kurland) — Russian gubernia, 1795-1917, outside the Pale. For the Latvia 1918-1940, inside USSR up until 1989. Now, southern Latvia. Crimea (Krim) — Peninsula and you may oblast inside southeast Ukraine, southern part of Taurida gubernia. Capital: Simferopol. Czechoslovakia — Country shaped in 1918 away from parts of Austro- Hungary (Czech-talking Bohemia and you will Moravia away from Austria, and you will Slovak-speaking north areas off Hungary). Divided in to Slovakia and you may Czech Republic from inside the 1991. Dobruja — Region to the Black colored Ocean southern area of Danube. Now, SE Romania and you can NE Bulgaria. Ekaterinoslav — Russian gubernia, 1802-1917, from inside the Pale. Today, eastern Ukraine. Estland — Russian gubernia, 1795-1917, outside of Pale.

Immediately after WWII, northern city turned into section of USSR, south inside Romania

In Estonia 1918-1940, in the USSR up to 1989. Now, north Estonia. Galicia — State out-of Austro-Hungarian Kingdom 1772 until 1917; Belonged in order to Poland between them industry battles (Gloss provinces away from Krakow, Lvov, Tarnopol and you will Stanislawow). Last around three turned section of Ukrainian SSR for the 1945. Today, southeastern Poland and western Ukraine. Grodno — Russian gubernia, 1802-1917, into the Pale. Inside the Poland between the two community conflicts (elements of Polish provinces of Wilno, Nowogrodek, Polesie and you may Bialystok). East dos/3rds became section of Belorussian SSR inside 1939, Bialystok town remained in Poland. Today, western Belarus, some northeastern Poland. Kalisz — Gubernia out of Russian Poland, 1867-1917. Now, west-central Poland Kherson — Russian gubernia, 1803-1917, from inside the Pale. Today, south-main Ukraine. Kielce (Keltz) — Gubernia from Russian Poland, 1867-1917. Now, south-main Poland. Kiev — Russian gubernia, in the Pale.

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